The Training Fire

 Medicine Teacher, Coach, & Ceremonial Guide

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I’m A Force of Nature. I Believe We All Are…

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My Name is SunOtter

My unique inspirational presence emanates from my deep abiding reverence for planet earth and my commitment to the potent art of self-mastery. The name "SunOtter" speaks to the range of my character; like the sun, I hold no pretense and no reservations about sharing my light. Like the otter, I am playful; I use humor in life-affirming irreverent ways. Like the natural world, I show up unapologetically. I will make a space for your most primal disobedience--the path that is your inner spiritual work. Come as you are with a willingness to grow and I will ask you questions to illuminate and shatter your limiting beliefs. Your heart will forever be changed.

The Training Fire

The training fire is a gathering space where one can develop the skills, practices, and mindsets that will allow us to tend to our own yearnings, and therefore our own spirit fires. In the old way, seekers would sit around a ceremonial fire listening to the whispers and sensations of the elements and enter into a state of deep contemplation with the words offered by the teachers. The elements dance together activating and enlivening the ancient earth wisdom held within the Medicine Wheels we were studying. I have spent many years studying and learning in this way and know the power of offering a space that fosters a deeper connection within the self and an attunement with the forces of Nature all around us.  

Come have a seat at the fire. Let’s talk about what is burning to be expressed, to be strengthened, or transformed.

A Medicine Teacher

I have been training and living into Indigenous Earth Wisdom Teachings (Medicine Way) for almost 25 years. I spent ten years facilitating traditional Earth Wisdom Ceremonies before coming to the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. My work in the nonprofit sector, offering open ceremonies around the world, and guiding private ceremonies for others, has allowed me to assist others in a deeper connection to the mystery we call Life.  

I bring a wide range of life expression through sincerity, playfulness, integrity, high commitment, nurturing abilities and my gift of being able to articulate vast and complex concepts in the simplest of ways.  All of my work is a demonstration of a deep and sincere reverence for the sanctity of life and I strive to bring this to all my interactions. My sense of humor keeps everyone laughing, while my love for the Medicine Teachings inspires and awakens.

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This is my pledge of irreverent reverence to your path of self-mastery and wholeness.